Barry Levon (240dollarpuddin) wrote in stellacomedy,
Barry Levon

Autographed Stella Shorts DVD on ebay

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I think there's an error in your auction. At one point it says "This is an actual, original DVD, purchased at the Lakeshore Theatre in Chicago on July 13, 2007 and subsequently autographed by Michael Showalter and David Wain after the performance." I think you meant MIB right? Or did all 3 sign?
yep, should have been MIB. Corrected in the listing.
I really want this want to trade for an autographed stella season one dvd. Its only autographed by show though.
Did he autograph the box cover, or did he take one of the plastic cases out and autograph that? Because MIB autographed the outside and Sho, for whatever reason, felt compelled to take out one of the plastic cases out and autograph that instead.

Not that I'm complaining though.
Does anyone have something signed by David? He seems the hardest to track down, at least in the Midwest.

We need a Stella tour this summer!

$240 worth of pudding!