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Info on ordering Michael Blacks book and dates for his book tour...

From Michael Blacks myspace:

I'm pleased to announce the dates for my upcoming book tour.

The book is called "My Custom Van (and 50 other mind-blowing essays that will blow your mind all over your face)." It comes out July 15th, and I am going on a little book tour to promote the shit out of it.

If you're wondering whether or not it's any good, Stephen Colbert says, "Michael Ian Black has proven that even the most simple-minded among us can occasionally create works of genius.


If you want you can pre-order the book on Amazon. com.

Here are the dates:

BOOK TOUR for "My Custom Van"

July 15th | Barnes & Noble/Tribeca, New York, NY - 7:00 pm
July 16th | Bryant Park event, New York, NY - 12:00pm
July 18th | RJ Julia, Madison, CT - 7:00pm
July 19th | Borders, Boston, MA - 2:00pm
July 21st | Books-A-Million, Chicago, IL - 12:00pm
July 22nd | Third Place Books, Seattle, WA - 7:00pm
July 23rd | Book Passage, San Francisco, CA - 7:00pm

This will finally be the perfect opportunity for us to meet and kiss.
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