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Hey guys, I'm new. I figured I'd join this community as stellashorts hasn't been updated since March. Wow. So I guess I'd share some things here instead. I've been a fan since the show was released in 2005. I know that makes me a newb, but my love for the guys is everlasting *sap*.

I was very fortunate enough to have seen Stella on their (what I've heard) last tour this past month. Whether or not that's true, it doesn't matter, because don't bands always lie about final tours?

Anyway, I saw them in Boston on the 11th. I don't think it was a full house, which is sad, but at least the GA and mezzanine were full. The show started about a half hour late, but it was okay. The show was beyond amazing. And from my understanding, our show was being recorded for a DVD release. This has me really excited, but the fact that I haven't been able to find any information on it's release has me a little worried. Anybody have any information on that?

There was an autograph signing at the end. I was going to have them sign either the shorts or t-shirt I had bought, but I actually bought a tie special for the occasion and had them sign that. They were all really tired but cordial, regardless. Black was really into the fans, Sho had a cold, and Wain was eating pizza. Haha. It was really surreal meeting the people I've been laughing with for three years in person.

Also, I made an RSS feed for Black's blog, just in case you're like me and have a hard time keeping up with things if they aren't on LJ. Haha. I made one for Showalter as well, but it kept posting the comments too. I'll have to fix it. For now, feel free to feed on Black's blog.

Hope everybody has a good new year. :)
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